April Scott is an American actress, model, TV host, entrepreneur, and fitness and nutrition expert. She is the host of the TV Show, "Model Turned Superstar," a reality competition series where models from around the world compete for a grand prize of one million dollars. The show films in the most exotic locations on earth, taking April on some unforgettable adventures. Last season, they travelled to Phuket, Thailand where they rode elephants and zip-lined through the rain forest. In February, they traveled to Bora Bora, Tahiti and went diving with stingrays and sharks. 

April is a AFPA Certified Personal Trainer (American Fitness Professionals and Associates), NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Chef (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association), and NESTA Certified Kid's Nutrition Specialist (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association). She is mom to one-year-old daughter, London, and is committed to educating others, especially young children on the importance of eating a nutrient-dense healthy and balanced diet, as well as, being physically active. In March 2014, April and her daughter, London, became ambassadors for the Love Can Initiative, LOVE CAN INITIATIVE a non-profit charity designed to help American children living in poverty.